Unraveling the IMLC Letter of Qualification


The IMLC Letter of Qualification is a pivotal document representing the culmination of a thorough and stringent evaluation of a physician’s qualifications and credentials.

Physicians seeking to obtain this essential document must meet a set of predefined criteria that demonstrate their competence, professionalism, and dedication to patient welfare.

Key requirements of the application process include:

  • Primary Medical License: Physicians must hold an unrestricted and active medical license in a state that will be considered their primary state of licensure. This primary license is essential as it is the foundation for the LOQ.
  • Eligibility Verification: Physicians must be board certified. They’ll also undergo rigorous verification of their credentials and medical education before receiving the LOQ. This process ensures they possess the necessary educational qualifications and training to provide quality patient care.
  • Clean Disciplinary Record: Physicians must also maintain a clean disciplinary record, free from any history of significant sanctions or disciplinary actions. The IMLC prioritizes patient safety and seeks to admit only physicians with impeccable professional standing.
  • Evidence of Practice: Physicians must demonstrate an active and continuous practice of medicine within a specific timeframe, reflecting their commitment to their profession and maintaining their clinical competency.

Once physicians fulfill these prerequisites, they become eligible to apply for licensure through the Compact.

With the LOQ in hand, qualified physicians gain access to a broad range of practice opportunities. They can pursue licensure in up to 31 additional states through a simplified and expedited process. The LOQ is valid for 12 months and allows clinicians to apply for licenses with any of the participating medical boards.

The IMLC Application Process

The IMLC application process is designed to be efficient and simple. These are the key steps:

  1. Check the state you wish to work in is included on the IMLC map.
  2. Ensure you’re eligible by checking the guidelines.
  3. Gather all necessary documentation and information.
  4. Click on the IMLC website Apply Portal.
  5. Select your State of Principal License (SPL) to process the license. It must be an IMLC participant.
  6. Complete all the fields and pay the $700 fee when prompted.
  7. Read and follow the instructions on how to obtain fingerprints.
  8. Download the LOQ once you receive confirmation that your credentials meet the criteria, and your background check is successful.
  9. Select the states where you wish to hold licenses and pay the applicable state fees.
  10. Prepare any additional documentation as required by the issuing state medical board.

You should receive your licenses within a few weeks, allowing you to enjoy practicing in multiple states.

Do you have questions about the IMLC or what opportunities are available in IMLC states? Contact us today and one of our dedicated consultants will be able to assist you.