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If you are just getting started with locum tenens, or have never worked with Integrity Locums before - here are the key points to become familiar with. And don't forget, you can call us anytime.

From the latin term “to hold a place”, locum tenens describes healthcare providers – from hospitalists to nurse practitioners – who fill temporary positions at healthcare facilities. This is beneficial to both parties – locum tenens enjoy flexibility and variety in their careers, while employers prevent physician burnout and solve short and long term staffing shortages. If you are considering locum tenens as a career, or hiring a locum tenens professional – scroll through these FAQs to get started.

Are you a contingency firm?

In addition to our extensive Locum Tenens expertise and resources, we offer permanent placement on a contingency basis. At Integrity Locums we provide Physician and Advanced Practice recruitment – for all specialties – with no cost associated with our services until the provider is placed in your facility.

How do you bill for your services?

For locum tenens, we bill on an hourly or daily rate each week throughout the duration of the assignment, plus any expenses related to travel and accommodations. You will know all of the fees associated with bringing the provider to you before you make a decision, so there will be no surprises.

What specialties do you work with?

We contract with all physician specialties, including family practice and internal medicine, and Advanced Practice providers such as Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

What type of malpractice coverage do you offer?

We facilitate A-rated claims – made coverage for all our contractors through our partnership with Coverys. As a forward-thinking medical professional liability insurer, Coverys philosophy is all about focus —for their clients, partners, and policyholders. Coverys singular focus is healthcare. Improving patient outcomes is the end-goal for every service they provide—from insurance and risk management to education and analytics.

Coverys has a reliable track record of success, evidenced by more than 40 years of experience protecting and defending the healthcare community. Coverys’ active underwriting companies enjoy a financial rating of “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best, the preeminent rating agency for insurance companies.

Who arranges travel and accommodations?

Integrity Healthcare Locums has a dedicated, experienced and professional in-house travel department. Our travel staff are experts in creating a best-in-class travel experience for providers, while maintaining the most client specific budgets. Each provider is assigned a personal travel consultant, who prepares a customized itinerary based on the needs of the specific assignment. Integrity Travel maintains the highest customer service ratings and conducts routine Quality Assurance surveys.

What if I want to extend a locums physician an offer for a permanent position?

Most locum physicians enjoy the flexibility of the locum tenens lifestyle, but this scenario is becoming more common. Often referred to as a “temp-to-perm hire”, clients often find they improve their retention because they were afforded the opportunity to make a more informed decision on the front end by having the opportunity to first work with a provider as a locum. Likewise, providers reap the same benefits and ultimately are happier longer because they know they fit in best with the practice culture-something that is nearly impossible to determine after one or two interview site visits.

I have never used a Locum Tenens provider, how does this work?

First, we will identify your need and customize the search to find the right provider for your particular situation. We utilize a simple locum tenens agreement that engages Integrity and allows us to immediately represent your facility for any current or future specialty needs including hospitalist jobs, family practice jobs, internal medicine jobs, nurse practitioner jobs or physician assistant jobs. Once we are engaged in the assignment, we will begin contacting appropriate providers on your behalf. We do not ever represent providers or submit candidate names or CVs unless we have spoken with the provider, they have stated that they are interested in pursuing your specific assignment, and they have not pursued the position directly or through another source. Once we identify a provider who we believe matches your need, we follow specific industry standard protocols to clear names, and provide detailed candidate presentations. We also facilitate a phone introduction, which only helps both parties further vet the potential match. Once a provider is secured, we will handle all necessary steps in the process to assure your need is covered by the highest quality providers on time.

What makes Integrity Locums different from other locums agencies?

Many agencies require you to go through multiple representatives for each specialty. With Integrity Locums, you will be given one point of contact for all of your locum tenens recruitment needs. This helps us develop a better working relationship with you, and helps you to avoid duplicate calls from multiple consultants from within the same agency. At times, you may also be in contact with someone in our licensure, privileging, and/or travel departments, but your consultant will always be your primary contact person for anything you need. Providers work evenings and weekends, and so do we. Our consultants are available after hours 24/7. We are able to quickly handle any situation, at any time. In addition, we have the highest candidate – vetting standards in the industry. To validate this, for over a 3-year period, we have never been the subject of any malpractice claims. The highest quality providers work with Integrity because we simply do things with true transparency and honesty. We also offer other services such as concierge-level travel, and professional coding and documentation training and helplines.

Can I work with more than one locums agency?

Yes; in fact, we encourage you to do so. Although we will work hard to become your preferred agency of choice, no one agency can guarantee coverage for every opportunity, every time. Our main concern is providing you the highest quality coverage and customer services. We suggest you work with 2 or 3 agencies, including Integrity Locums.

What if I need help after hours?

Give us a call—we’re available 24/7. Each consultant is available 24/7. so that we can work together to quickly provide a solution to any situation. If you ever receive our voice mail, we will return your call immediately.

Can we arrange malpractice coverage instead?

Yes, however we have found that many individual policies do not extend continuous coverage for locum tenens work. Therefore, in order to ensure continuous and appropriate coverage, Integrity typically facilitates A coverage with a top tiered professional liability carrier for all of our contracted providers.

Why don’t you list rates in your agreement?

We created a simple core agreement that covers all your current and future physician recruitment needs with rate ranges. Specialties are easily added to eliminate the need for multiple agreements. Our main concern is providing you coverage options. When you present us with a need, we will find qualified providers to meet that need, and then determine a rate based on that providers skill set. We will present that rate to you when we submit their CV and provider summary, so that you will have all the information you need to make a decision.

How do you assist with privileging and licensure?

We have a experienced and professional in-house privileging coordinators that will assist providers and the client medical staff offices to ensure any/all facility requirements are completed in a timely manner. Our licensing department works with state boards in much the same way, walking the provider through the entire process as quickly as possible. If you need assistance throughout this process, our privileging and licensure departments are available at all times.

Is there a minimum required length for assignments?

No. Although most locum tenens providers prefer assignments of at least five days, we are very successful filling all shorter assignments, such as one day or one weekend.

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