Why Use Locums?

Hospitals, clinics, private practices, and other healthcare facilities often struggle with ongoing provider personnel issues.

How do you consistently recruit and retain enough providers in a high demand marketplace? How can you provide quality care during those times that your permanent providers resign or are unavailable due to vacation or illness? How does an understaffed hospitalist or emergency group handle the growing number of patients, requiring their FTE’s to continually absorb more work volume internally. These questions left unanswered can be a constant source of stress and frustration for the key stakeholders. When coordinated correctly and professionally, Locum Tenens are often the welcome answer to staffing challenges to help bridge the gaps, or to maintain consistent medical services that would otherwise be diverted to other facilities.

While locum tenens providers are an easy and effective solution to the personnel issues that can arise, many facilities can be reluctant to hire locum tenens professionals, often afraid of the costs involved, or a perceived lack of quality. However, facilities may not be aware of how they can bill for locum tenens services, and the billable fees collected for these services will adequately offset and/or cover the costs. Therefore, using locum tenens providers effectively allows facilities to maintain incoming revenue from physician services, and prevent the loss of patients due to lack of coverage. In an increasingly competitive environment, locum tenens are becoming a key component of staffing plans to give facilities the flexibility they need in todays marketplace to help support their internal employed physicians and reduce turnover. Many gainfully employed providers are choosing to work locum tenens to supplement their incomes, and gain new experiences. Subsequently, there is a high volume of very qualified providers available in the locums talent pool – perhaps more than ever before.

Easy and Effective

When you need us, we’ll take care of everything – physician recruitment, vetting of candidates, travel, malpractice and licensing.

Better Retention Rates

A universal complaint from providers across the county is that they are overworked and their practices are understaffed. The numbers speak for themselves and are indisputable.

Avoid Burnout

Greatly reduce burnout for full time providers, who can go on leave fully confident their patients will be well cared for.

Do you need more convincing? Check out this real-life example which outlines how locum tenens can protect and maintain revenue in your physician’s absence:

In the field of anesthesiology, the cost to the provider for a locum tenens is about $1,800 per day, but the collected fee per day amounts to more than $2,400. In cardiology, the locum tenens cost is about $1,700 per day, while collections are almost $3,000 per day. General surgery cost is about $1,700 per day, while collections are more than $2,300 per day. The same is true for most of the other specialties. And you simply cannot put a price on long term patient retention and revenue, not to mention the retention of your most valuable providers on staff.

By utilizing highly qualified, experienced locum tenens family practice doctors, nurse practitioners or hospitalists, you’ll see increased patient satisfaction and increased satisfaction of the referring physicians. As discussed, using locum tenens also leads to better rates of physician retention, avoiding burnout and other problems related to overwork.

To get the most from a locum tenens placement, providers should keep a few simple steps in mind. First, plan ahead. Planning strategically will allow for the most efficient and effective use of locum tenens. Secondly, provide a solid orientation for them. And don’t forget, in most cases, a hospital or clinic can bill for a locum tenens providers.

After practicing as a full time hospitalist for six years, I decided to practice as a locum Hospitalist last October. I have been working with Anthony Lamb since then .He is the first recruiter that I contacted with and still we are working together. He is honest and trustworthy, prompt to answer my calls and questions and he helped me to find the best positions that fit my situation. I have no hesitation to work with him in the future.

best positions that fit my situation, Babak P., MD

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Are you considering locums companies and not sure which company to select? What do you use for your selection criteria on such an important decision? Why choose Integrity Locums? Aside from living up to our name and providing personalized, transparent services – no surprises – we are committed to excellence in all areas, and are NALTO & NAPR members in good standing. Our firm is packed with experience- consultants who have not only been emersed in locum tenens for twenty years, but who have also had professional backgrounds in practice management and who themselves have hired locum companies themselves and are better able to identify with your in-house recruitment viewpoint. We also provide 24 hour support and ongoing webinar education to our providers, ensuring you that your provider is informed, supported, and happy to be working for you.

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