The Value in Staffing (ViS) Program: Your Bridge to Seamless Staffing Solutions


ViS Program

Community health centers are pillars of healthcare accessibility, catering to individuals and families who often face barriers to receiving quality medical attention. These centers now serve more than 30 million patients, regardless of their ability to pay, and demand for these services continues to grow.

Nevertheless, these centers struggle to secure and maintain a robust workforce of skilled clinicians who can meet the diverse needs of their patient populations. Staffing shortages have become an unfortunate reality, with 68% of health centers experiencing losses of up to 25% of their workforce in the past six months, and 15% facing even higher attrition rates of 25-50%.

In a world where adaptability and innovation are paramount, the groundbreaking Value in Staffing (ViS) program emerges as a beacon of hope for health centers nationwide.

ViS is a visionary program that acts as a bridge, connecting health centers with the talent they require to maintain seamless operations and ensure uninterrupted patient care.

Through this innovative program, Integrity Locums, an established leader in the healthcare staffing industry, joins forces with Community Health Ventures, an organization dedicated to enhancing the performance of community health centers. The backing of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) further solidifies the program’s credibility and impact.

The ViS program supports health centers nationwide by providing access to a carefully curated pool of highly qualified clinicians, all available through transparent and discounted rates.

The ViS Advantage: Transparent and Discounted Staffing Solutions

One of the standout advantages of the ViS program lies in its commitment to transparency and fair pricing.

Health centers can access a carefully curated pool of highly qualified clinicians through discounted rates for both locum tenens and permanent placements. This unique pricing structure ensures health centers can strategically allocate their resources, optimizing their budget without compromising the quality of care they provide.

Gone are the days of uncertainty, hidden fees, and unexpected expenses. ViS empowers health centers to approach staffing with confidence and financial predictability, allowing them to focus on their core mission — delivering exceptional healthcare to their diverse patient populations.

Elevating Patient Care: A Seamless Match with Top-Tier Clinicians

The ViS program is more than just the numbers — it’s about elevating patient care through meaningful and strategic clinician placements.

The program’s team of experienced consultants takes the time to understand each health center’s unique needs and values. This personalized approach ensures health centers are connected with clinicians who align with their mission and are dedicated to delivering compassionate, patient-centered care.

The ViS program boasts a meticulously curated pool of highly qualified and credentialed clinicians who possess not only exceptional medical expertise, but also share a passion for serving diverse communities.

By aligning health centers with clinicians who understand and embrace their patient demographics, ViS ignites a spark of synergy, ultimately enriching the patient experience and fostering long-term patient-provider relationships.

A Path to Sustainable Success: Building Enduring Partnerships

ViS extends beyond immediate staffing solutions — it serves as a gateway to sustainable success for health centers.

The program’s emphasis on building enduring partnerships between health centers and clinicians ensures continuity of care and mitigates the challenges associated with workforce retention. Through nurturing and supporting these relationships, ViS facilitates a harmonious working environment where clinicians are valued, respected, and feel a strong sense of commitment to the center’s mission.

A Collaborative Vision: The ViS Program’s Success for Health Centers Nationwide

The ViS program represents a revolutionary and indispensable solution for community health centers facing the challenges of workforce shortages and staffing hurdles. ViS empowers these vital healthcare facilities to deliver seamless patient care while maximizing resources.

As Integrity Locums and Community Health Ventures join forces in the ViS program, we continue to be a driving force in shaping the future of seamless staffing solutions. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by health centers and a commitment to making a positive impact, Integrity Locums brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Our seasoned consultants meticulously match health centers with clinicians who not only possess exceptional medical skills but also embody the center’s mission and values.

Together, we’re building a healthier and more accessible future for all, united in our mission to ensure that every patient receives the quality care they deserve, strengthening communities and transforming lives.


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