Navigating Locum Tenens as a New Grad


locum tenens as a new grad

Entering the workforce can be a challenging experience for many new doctors and Advanced Practice Providers. Although you may have completed a residency in a specialty,  choosing a work environment that fits your needs may take some time.

Many new graduates approach their fledgling career with high expectations but concerns about the pressure and stress. Locum tenens is a great way to ease yourself into your career.

As a locum, you have the freedom to change jobs and choose the cities where you want to practice. Plus, you can decide how little or much you work.

Working locum tenens allows you to gain skills and experience in many different work environments, helping you decide where you would like to focus your career.

Let’s look at some of the impressive benefits of working locum tenens as a new grad.

Immediately start paying off your student debt with a lucrative salary

Student debt from school can be difficult. In the United States, medical students graduate with an astonishing average debt of $241,600.  The average student debt for a PA is about $116,000 and the average student debt for a Nurse Practitioner is $71,032

Rather than having debt that controls your life, working locum tenens allows you to pay off your student loans quickly.

Locums are typically paid much higher rates than full-time staff members, making it easy to earn a healthy income and ease the financial burdens from school. Additionally, most locum tenens assignments will pay for travel and housing, helping you to keep your other expenses to a minimum.

The ability to travel and work in different places

As a locum tenens doctor or APP, you have much more flexibility than working for a healthcare facility directly. As a locum, you can select where you work and when you want to move.

There are numerous opportunities to work across the U.S. You can see the sights, visit new places, and meet people from different walks of life. It’s the perfect way to keep things fresh and exciting.

If you’re wondering where practicing would benefit patients the most, the Health Resources & Services Administration publishes details of the areas of the U.S. with the greatest needs for qualified health professionals.

With locum tenens, you have opportunities to try out a variety of different specialties or hospitals and see what type of practice is right for you. You’re free to change jobs regularly until you find something that truly resonates with who you are and how you work.

Even after finishing school and training, it may take years before settling into a job that makes your heart sing.  Locum tenens allows you the opportunity to explore many different jobs each year and begin to create an identity for yourself without any permanent commitment.

For someone who wants to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, locum tenens is an excellent opportunity.

Gain a network of references and contacts in the industry

Personal relationships heavily influence the medical industry. A robust network is essential for doctors and APPs, and locum tenens work is a great way to build connections in the industry.

Working locum tenens allows you to build an extensive network of people who can attest to your skill and professionalism in the workplace. These testimonials are invaluable when you’re looking for both permanent and locums positions. The more contacts and references you have, the more opportunities are available—many of which would be unattainable if you didn’t have that level of support.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the best locums tenens opportunities

An experienced locum agency, such as Integrity locums, enhances your career by allowing you immediate access to suitable locums options. Integrity locums make finding premium assignments effortless so doctors and APPs can keep doing what they love—helping people.

When you’re looking for locum work, we offer hundreds of highly sought-after opportunities around the country and beyond. Whether you want short-term locum tenens work in your current field, or something totally new, we have dozens of specialties represented.

It’s easy to find your ideal position. You can search for jobs on our website, or if you prefer, you can contact one of our consultants and start receiving emails for employment within your state and specialty.

Start your new career with locums tenens

Healthcare is constantly evolving. It’s challenging at times but infinitely rewarding. Locum tenens is a perfect opportunity to gain experience in various specialties and accumulate references that’ll serve you well in your future locums career, or if you choose to seek permanent employment.

Working locums means you can remain flexible and try out new environments. Locum tenens offers a great way to see new places and try new things while maintaining control over your career.

When you work with superior locum agencies like Integrity Locums, it’s effortless to find jobs that fit your interests and needs, no matter your career stage.