Malpractice Insurance and how Integrity Locums can Help

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As a medical professional, you are dedicated to helping people. Unfortunately, even with your education and expertise, mistakes can happen. An error made when assessing or treating health issues – whether a true error, or if the patient perceives it to be – can result in legal action, which can seriously affect your practice and your life. Having adequate medical malpractice insurance – a form of professional liability insurance that addresses specific health care issues – is a necessity in today’s world.

Malpractice insurance will cover your legal liability as a health practitioner and provide protection in several key areas. First, legal defense costs will be covered, and subsequently, the costs of any legal settlements (up to the limits of what your policy allows) are also covered. Malpractice legal actions are generally very costly, so choosing an excellent medical malpractice insurance company that offers comprehensive protection is of utmost importance. In addition to providing protections associated with the lawsuit, your insurance policy can also assist in covering costs of peer panel conduct reviews; as well as compensate any loss of income these actions could cause.

As a health care professional, you may assume that because you operate in an office environment, that your employer’s liability policy will cover any malpractice claims. Unfortunately, although their policy is meant to protect you to some degree, employer liability policies may have exclusions of which you are not aware. If a conflict of interest is determined, you may find yourself on your own. Having your own policy will give you peace of mind, knowing exactly what your coverage is in all instances.

The protection of malpractice insurance is important across many specialties and disciplines. All practicing physicians and surgeons, including independent doctors, health care professionals and hospitalists should obtain coverage. Chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, dentists and orthodontists are all candidates; as well as clinics, hospitals, med-spas, dermatology facilities, weight loss centers and HMOs. The cost of medical malpractice insurance differs depending on the type and geographic location of your practice. For instance, a brain surgeon is in greater need of medical malpractice insurance than a nurse in a family practice; OBGYN doctors are in a very emotional type of practice versus someone treating broken ankles. Costs tend to vary tremendously in differing states, often tracking with relative cost of living.

New health care professionals need to determine the malpractice policy provided by their employers, and assess if there are any serious gaps in coverage. It is advisable that all health care workers speak to a professional insurance agent who can explain policies, coverages and costs in order to obtain the right amount of coverage for their specialty and its associated risks.

Integrity Locums Tenens works with our job seekers and employers to obtain the correct level of malpractice insurance for our candidate physicians and hospitalists. Call us today to learn more about locum tenens career opportunities, as well as how we can help you to have the necessary coverage so that you do not have to worry about anything – except caring for your patients.