Highlighting the Recruiter of the Month: Anthony Lamb

About Integrity Locums, General.

Anthony Lamb


What Are Your Career Goals?

To be the best recruiter in the nation.  I want to continue building long-lasting relationships with both candidate and clients. 

What Inspires You?

I am very, very competitive.  I want to be the best at everything I do.  Being able to succeed and good at something motivates me daily.  It’s more than making the next placement or more money.  I want to be the best recruiter out there and am willing to put in the work required to reach that goal.

Additionally, I love when providers refer their physician colleagues to me.  It shows that they value the service I provide and trust that their friends are in good hands.

Recruiting Is Hard Work,  How Do You Persevere?

I followed the lead set by our owners, who have all had years of success in physician recruitment.  They always told me that I need to put in the hard work and learn as much as I can.  If I did this, then I would be successful.  They were right.  I also make sure that I work extra hours at night and on the weekend.  I treat this as my own business; I want it to succeed and I know that putting in the minimal effort will result in minimal results.

Anthony Lamb is a Senior Consultant at Integrity Locums with over six years of experience in the medical sales and recruitment field and holds a Master Degree from Nova Southeastern University. Anthony is an integral part of the Integrity team he not only is the top producer but is a true leader of his department. He continuously shows drive and a passion for the growth of Integrity Locums.  

“Sometimes it is easy to overlook the recruiters at the top in this business because you become accustomed to counting on them for production and they do it independently. With Anthony’s outstanding performance this past quarter, it was impossible not to acknowledge how incredible that contribution was to our company’s success. He led in nearly every KPI and he does so by good old fashion hard work, every single day. He demands the most of himself and those that do business with him. I’m proud to recognize his performance and very fortunate to have him on our team.”- Tim Devereux, Chief Executive Officer