4 Tips for Hiring Locum Tenens in a Flash


hiring locum tenens

The healthcare industry is always changing and has its own set of unique challenges. In this fast-paced world, staffing shortages can strike at any time. When a physician or advanced practice provider (APP) suddenly becomes unavailable, it can disrupt the delicate balance of your healthcare facility.

Whether openings are due to unexpected staff absences, seasonal fluctuations, or simply the need for additional support during peak periods, the ability to secure competent team members swiftly is essential.

Hiring locum tenens professionals is the best way to maintain smooth operations and ensure patient care and satisfaction. But how can you quickly and efficiently find and onboard temporary staff without compromising quality?


1. Establish precise requirements before the hiring process

To expedite the locum tenens hiring process, establish clear requirements upfront. Create a list of necessary certifications and licenses that locum tenens providers should hold at the start of their assignment. This may include specialty board certifications, state licenses, DEA registrations, ACLS/BLS certifications, or other specific credentials pertinent to your practice.

Communicate these requirements clearly to your consultant, streamlining the screening process and ensuring that candidates meet the necessary qualifications.

This preparation not only facilitates the recruitment of qualified candidates but also ensures they are fully prepared with the required certifications from the outset of their assignments.


2. Forego interviews

Interviews are a standard component of the hiring process and can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s personality and fit within your organization. However, requiring them for locum tenens positions can introduce unnecessary delays.

Here is why skipping interviews can expedite your locum tenens hiring:

  • Navigate time constraints: Locum tenens positions often arise due to urgent needs or unexpected vacancies, leaving limited time to complete the hiring process. Requiring interviews can prolong the process, as it may be challenging to coordinate schedules between your facility, the locum tenens provider, and the staffing agency.
  • Trust your agency: Leverage your consultant’s expertise by trusting they understand your facility’s needs and can recommend suitable individuals. Your consultant thoroughly screens and evaluates candidates before presenting them, so you can trust that they have undergone a comprehensive assessment and are qualified to provide high-quality care.
  • Focus on availability and experience: Instead of investing time in interviews, prioritize evaluating a candidate’s availability, experience, and credentials. Assess their track record in similar practice settings and ability to adapt quickly to new environments.

3. Communicate efficiently and effectively with your consultant

Effective communication with your consultant is paramount. Open and efficient lines of communication can significantly accelerate the hiring process.

Here’s how you can ensure smooth and productive interactions with your consultant:

  • Clearly define your needs: Evaluate and define your specific staffing requirements before contacting your consultant. Determine the specialty, desired qualifications, and additional skills or certifications necessary for the locum tenens provider to excel in your practice. A comprehensive overview of your needs enables your consultant to identify suitable candidates more efficiently.
  • Provide timely feedback: Once your consultant presents potential candidates, provide prompt feedback regarding their qualifications, experience, and compatibility with your facility. Avoid unnecessary delays in responding to queries or reviewing candidate profiles. Clear, concise, and timely communication allows your consultant to swiftly adjust their search criteria and continue the hiring process without disruptions.
  • Collaborate on scheduling: Time is of the essence when hiring locum tenens, and efficient scheduling plays a crucial role. Work closely with your consultant to align your facility’s needs with the availability of locum tenens providers. You can expedite finding available and qualified candidates by providing your consultant with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the required coverage dates, shifts, and any flexibility in scheduling.
  • Maintain a responsive approach: Keep the lines of communication open and respond promptly to your consultant’s inquiries or requests for additional information. Promptly providing any necessary documents, such as licensure information or onboarding forms, helps speed up the process and prevent unnecessary delays.


4. Fast-track credentialing

Be proactive and contact your Medical Staff Office (MSO) early regarding temporary or emergent privileges so you’re ready to move when you find the right locum tenens provider. Here’s how to expedite credentialing:

  • Initiate contact early: Reach out to the MSO promptly to discuss the possibility of obtaining temporary privileges.
  • Clarify requirements: Understand the specific documentation and steps required for temporary or emergent privileges.
  • Highlight urgency: Communicate the urgency and importance of filling the staffing gap quickly to the MSO.
  • Coordinate with your consultant: Collaborate closely to align efforts with the MSO and their requirements.
  • Follow-up: Regularly follow up with the MSO, promptly provide requested information, and address additional requirements.

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