iTriage Medical App Puts Health in the Palm of Your Hand

Personal Healthcare Technology.

Now downloaded over 15 million times, the iTriage Mobile App is transforming the delivery of medical information; and giving patients increased ability to manage their own health. In response to how the next generation collects and maintains information, this app is a logical next step in health care.

Developed by two emergency care physicians, this robust health care app is designed to provide rapid medical answers in easily understandable terminology; as well as to locate local options for care, or allow a patient to connect with the right doctors.

The app works in a logical, easy to follow procedure that steps you through the process of selecting the symptoms you are experiencing and exploring possible causes. Clicking on each option will reveal a menu of more in-depth information; including a description of the ailment, a complete list of symptoms, images and videos related to that ailment; and a synopsis of what tests and treatment can be expected. An especially useful feature of the app is its recommendation, based on your process of choice and elimination, of how you should proceed – whether an immediate trip to the emergency room is appropriate; or an OTC remedy will do the trick.

This comprehensive procedure of narrowing down options is repeated throughout the app, and includes such capabilities as

  • Locating the closest hospital ER, or walk-in clinic
  • An encyclopedia of medications which outlines uses, conditions treated and side effects
  • An explanation of hundreds of procedures
  • News and education on topics that interest you.

Notably, the app also allows you to track symptoms, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, insurance information and more; allowing you to have your medical history in the palm of your hand, whenever you need it. In short, the iTriage app allows you to be more informed, and make better decisions about your own personal health care – every day.