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Current Cancer Research May Benefit Parkinson’s Patients

More than 1 million people in the United States live daily with Parkinson’s disease. The disease systematically takes away the patient’s motor abilities, leaving them with a slow and labored gait, rigid limbs, tremors, shuffling and a lack of balance. A recent study , reported in the journal Science in the last week, suggests that […]

Using Nanoparticles to Kill Cancer

Nanoparticles are tiny particles with at least one dimension no bigger than 100 nanometers. When compared with the same material on a larger scale, they exhibit unique characteristics which are now being researched for use in biomedicine and electronics. ┬áThe nanoparticles at the center of a new study – called Cornell dots, or C dots […]

Iontophoresis May Be the Future of Cancer Treatment

A new method which makes it possible to infuse cancer drugs directly into tumors – one which does not rely on perfusion via the bloodstream – was recently introduced. This delivery device is providing new hope for patients with pancreatic, breast and other solid cancers, promising the opportunity for better results and longer life. The […]